Concert - MTI presents: Ann Rosén & Sten-Olof Hellström (SW)

The De Montfort University Music, Technology & Innovation 2016-17 #LoveInternational concert series presents:

Ann Rosén & Sten-Olof Hellström

Wednesday November 9th, 2016

A performance by the Swedish duo of two sound-artists and composers, Ann Rosén and Sten-Olof Hellström. A concert with knitted sensors and textile controllers that bend, stretch and twist the acoustic room as they conjure up strange new sound worlds!

PACE building, Richmond Street, Leicester UK, LE2 7BQ
Start time 7pm
Free entry

Concert: MTI presents Denis Smalley, Wed. October 26th!

This coming Wednesday, October 26th, MTI is very pleased to present a concert by renowned electroacoustic composer Denis Smalley, presenting some of his most recent works!! Very exciting - not to be missed!

7pm, DMU PACE building. Free entry.

Concerts Autumn 2016

We are very pleased to announce our concert programme for autumn 2016, including concerts by special guests Denis Smalley and Yan Jun! All are welcome, don't miss out!

Music, Technology and Innovation
CONCERTS - Autumn 2016

All concerts 7pm, DMU PACE Building, except where otherwise noted

Wednesday October 12th: Opening Concert
The opening concert of the MTI 2016-17 'Love International' concert series! Featuring recent MTI student highlights, including works & performances by Marinos Æ Giannoukakis, Neal Spowage, Sam Topley, & Virginie Viel.

Wednesday October 26th: Denis Smalley
MTI is VERY proud to offer a very special treat: a concert by one of the most renowned electroacoustic composers in the world, Denis Smalley, in honour of his 70th birthday! A rare and special treat indeed - not to be missed.

Tuesday November 8th: MTI @ Music Cafe
- Music Cafe, New Park St.
MTI students take over the Music Cafe, for an open stage event of wild performances. Student-led, student-run, performed by students, performed for students: DJ's, bands, and everything in between!

Wednesday November 9th: Ann Rosén & Sten-Olof Hellström
HR is a Swedish duo consisting of the two sound-artists and composers Ann Rosén and Sten-Olof Hellström that mainly perform composed electroacoustic music. A concert with knitted sensors and textile controllers that bend, stretch and twist the acoustic room as they conjure up strange new sound worlds!

Wednesday November 23rd: Undergraduate Concert
Sound diffusion, improvisation, feedback, and more! Performances by students from MTI courses 'Sound in Space', 'Performing With Technology', and 'Creating With Technology'.

Wednesday November 30th: Postgraduate Concert
Come hear some of the groundbreaking artistic work being produced by MTI postgrads! A whirlwind tour of cutting edge art and research in sound.

Tuesday December 6th: Yan Jun Provocation
- Open Seminar, Phoenix, 20:30
A seminar-cum-provocation by Beijing-based artist, performer and writer Yan Jun, in advance of his very special performance at MTI the following day.

Wednesday December 7th: Yan Jun

Beijing-based artist, performer and writer Yan Jun visits MTI! A uniquely thrilling and unpredictable performer, bringing together improvisation, electronics, feedback, site-specific performance/installation, and the body. Not to be missed.

'One Knob To Rule Them All' wins Best Paper at NIME 2016

The 'One Knob to Rule Them All' project collaboration between MTI & the University of Newcastle Culture Lab won Best Paper New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2016 - !! Congratulations to John Richards, John Bowers, Amit Patel, Sam Topley, Steve Jones, Jim Frize, Neal Spowage, Tim Shaw, and everyone else involved!

Contemporary Music Review - incl. John Richards & Simon Emmerson

Out now: the latest issue of Contemporary Music Review, on the theme of "Gender, Creativity and Education in Digital Musics and Sound Art" - including two articles from MTI:

John Richards: Shifting Gender in Electronic Music: DIY and Maker Communities

Simon Emmerson: EMAS and Sonic Arts Network (1979–2004): Gender, Governance, Policies, Practice

EMERGENCE - Four Day Sound Art Symposium at De Montfort University

International Sound artists converge in Leicester for lectures, live performances, discussions, and the unexpected

Emergence — it’s that elusive, inexplicable, seemingly magical moment that can occur when two or more people come together to work on a project, discuss an idea or play music together.  At some point a “third voice” may emerge, a result or an idea that no one could have predicted and that no individual could have come up working in isolation.

Emergence will be the unifying theme this September when Craig Vear, Professor of Digital Performance (music) and head of the Performance Research Group along with Simon Smith, former technician for the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre (MTIRC), now with Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, welcome an international line-up of sound artists, educators, and live performers to the campus of De Montfort University for the Kyma International Sound Symposium (KISS2016) 7-10 September 2016.

Unique features of this intensive, idea-packed event are to include an improvised conduction performance by the Emergent Ensemble; a 3-D sound immersion lecture/concert in De Montfort University's 20+ speaker DOME; a 3-D film with a live sound track; workshops on ecosystemic composition; collaborations across international and disciplinary borders; and a celebratory club concert featuring live digital and acoustic instruments, vocals and analog synthesis. 

Crossing Borders
The sub-theme of KISS2016 is “crossing borders”, in both the national and disciplinary sense.  Artists, educators, professional performers, sound designers, and researchers from Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the USA will be in Leicester to share their expertise through talks, demonstrations, and live performances.

Spanning a wide range of backgrounds, from academics to sound engineers to professional performers, improvisers and students, the participants share a common language — the Kyma software is used by Hollywood sound designers and professional game audio developers, as well as by avant-garde and experimental composers and sound artists, improvisors, live acoustic performers, and forward-thinking club DJs to create live, interactive performance environments using sound.

Franz Danksagmüller, professor of organ and improvisation at the Musikhochschule in Lübeck Germany commented on the wide range of backgrounds: "The participants represent the whole universe of music making: producers, composers, performers, scientists, sound designer, academics, beginners and experts. Being able to talk to everybody, asking questions to everybody and making all the contacts is invaluable!"

Changing lives
Conferences are essential points of contact and connection for working professionals, but at times they have an even greater impact on students.  De Montfort PhD candidate Marinos Giannoukakis is organizing an ambitious international line-up of performers for concert of 3-D sound using the PACE-1 DOME system, and several other De Montfort students will get free access to the events in exchange for helping out at the registration desk, running tech for the concerts, and capturing the events on video, putting them in face-to-face contact with professionals working in their chosen field.

Olga Oseth credits the Kyma International Sound Symposium with her decision to pursue graduate studies in live digital performance at the University of Oregon.  "When I attended my first KISS conference, KISS 2012, at St Cloud State University as a student worker, one particular concert literally changed my life. At that point I realized that kind of interactive performance was even more fun than just a plain old piano performance. Also KISS conferences have the warmest, friendliest/family atmosphere compare to other conferences I have been to. Looking forward to KISS 2016!"

Explore the full program here:

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Based on current registration levels, we are anticipating a record turn-out this year. So please be sure to reserve your spot by registering as soon as possible. Thanks!